Evaluation by Yr 6 at Aston Tower

The comments below are a transcript of the original comments made wrt the Science Master site evaluation for the one term (Sept – Dec 2015) by one class in year 6 (6K)

Each of the numbers is a transcript of a comment made by a different 6K pupil.

(Student 1) I like the blog because we can ask any questions to the Science Master and he can give the answers in a few days. I want to give a big thanks to Science Master. I have learned a lot about my topic.  I have learned lot of useful things from Science Master. I liked it because there are some interesting facts in the blog. Some children did not quite know how to ask a question so I think the blog should be easier to ask a question. You can ask any question about science if you do not know the answer. People can learn more about their topic,

(Student 2) There is nothing else really to improve in the blog in my opinion. So far, everything went really well. I want to carry on questioning the science Master. Science Master helped me so much in science.

(student 3) Why I like it? I like it because it is detailed and it doesn’t tell us the answer, we have to work our way up. Then we can find the answer. But, it gives us clues and in that way it slightly helps us find the answer.Why I don’t like it? I do not like it because we ask a hard question we do not know and then we have to answer it back. They are supposed to be telling us but it is making us do the sciency things we don’t know. It takes long to answer a question.What I want done.I want something done to give us ideas about questions, like – What did not you understand? , What is the most helpful question to ask? And put some colour on the background.

(student 4) I like that we can answer more questions from the Science Master. The science blog was brilliant. And I like it that you can help others. I liked the way that lights can be connected with wires, batteries and a buzzer. The science blog can help if you miss things.

(student 5) What I like. I like that the Science Master does not give us the answer. He answers with just a little bit of info and then a question for us to investigate and write back. If he just gives the answers it would be no fun. It is also good to be able to access him at home. What needs to change, The page is very dull and needs to be decorated with things like test tubes, colourful backgrounds, light bulbs and other scientific, with colour, decorations. While the background is dull the Science Master takes a long time to answer questions. So I hope that after the holiday he could answer us back more quickly.

(student 6) I think the blog is a great way for pupils to ask questions and get answers. And understand. I like the blog because you can have a bit of fun by trying to trick the Science Master. The Science Master is always making us think. I think the blog is awesome and does not need changing a bit. I really like the blog because of the way you can communicate with the Science Master because it’s not that complicated. I think the site itself isn’t that easy, it could be improved by making it a little bit more better for peoples phones. The site is not like other educational site because if you click on electricity, you get an answer straight away. On this site you are challenged, it makes finding the answer a bit tricky. This blog is the best educational site yet!!

I hope that the next time I go on the site, which won’t be long the site is more colorful and less loggy so that I can write down my questions.

(student 7) I think that the blog is good to learn because you give a question and learn science. Science is important to help us learn and understand. I like it because I can learn more and get the picture about what science is and how important it is because scientists do important things so we know what we can do and what it is. Thank you Science Master because of you I wanna be a scientist.

(student 8) I like that we give a question to the Science Master and next week we go on the Science Master and we see his answer. If you don’t know a question about science I know who to ask . Thank you for answering the question.

(student 9) I think the blog is great because it helps you learn more about electricity and light. And it gives a bit of fun. That’s why is a great way for electricity, The Science Master is a great man for telling us clues on how electricity works. The blog is really good for people to use to find information about light and electricity or something important for your own work. If you don’t know the question go on the Internet or blog. If you have a question for the Science Master go on the blog and write your question. The blog is really nice and helpful for you to use.

(student 10) I like it that we can ask a question and the Science Master replies to them with an answer and a question. I like it but it but the thing is that it is confusing for people to ask a question. I want the blog to be clear. Many people who go onto the blog think it is great. If you do not know an answer for a question he will give you a detailed answer or an image.I want to change all the stuff which is over detailed . I love the fact that you are free to ask any question about your topic.

There is nothing else to improve the science blog. So far everything that we have asked went really well. I want to carry on questioning the Science Master because he helps me work through science.

(student 11) I like the science blog because it helps us on our science work and makes   all of us understand what we are doing. However. The science blog’s design could have changed a little bit so that it could be easer to go to the science blog and give the Science Master more and more questions. It could also be better, if your questions that you gave to the Science Master could be replied to more quickly.

(student 12) I like it because it has lots of interesting information and pictures. What is good about it is that you can ask questions about science. What I don’t like about the Science Master is that he never gives you a question back.

(student 13) I like the science blog because it helps other children who want to ask a question about something, they will get an answer. I think the blog could be improved because children who want to ask a question don’t know where to ask the question. Instead the Science Master could make a button for the children to click on and they could then write their question.

(student 14) Thank you Science Master. You have been a pleasure and you have helped our class and made us better at science. I have had some problems trying to log in but some of my friends tried and they said it was brilliant. We did some of it in class and it was good. It was so hard to give you hard questions because you know everything about science. It would be better if you did not have to log in.. It is really good that you are doing the whole science blog especially on our school website. I really like it that he backfires us with a harder question.

(student 15) Hi Science Master, I like your blog, for many reasons e.g he answers my questions, I set him a problem and I get a problem back and gives me a limit of time to answer back. But I don’t like the blog much because it is all very complicated and there are no tutorials or instructions to show how to post a question or how to comment back on other people’s questions. I think that the blog needs to be improved by installing buttons that lead to tutorials, raising questions and more.

(student 16) Hi Science Master. This is what I think about the blog ….I like the science blog because it helps you answer our questions. I think the site could be better by adding not only pictures but videos. I think the website is good for children because it helps expand their knowledge. Because of this, the website should be used for all ages between 6-11. The site should be improved by the Science Master answering questions quicker.

(student 17) I admire the Science Master because when ever I ask him a question he gives me a perfectly detailed answer and even if I have given him a question I have done most of the thinking. If you want to improve the site you have to make sure that it is a little less complicated.

(student 18) The thing I like about this is that it answers you question in detail and then at the end gives you a challenge. To be honest I don’t really find anything bad about it because it answers your questions. But I’ve never used it before so I’m not really sure. I would recommend this site to any child if they want to find out about anything scientific.

(student 19) The thing I like about the science blog is that you get a diagram with the answer and that the Science master can answer so many different questions from us. The thing that needs to be improved is by how long the answer comes after the question because it is really annoying. The thing that went well is that the Science Master gave good answers and gives more that one answer to the question which is more explaining to me so leave it how it is.

(student 20) Using the science blog helped me a lot in all my science lessons. It has increased my knowledge of everything I’ve leaned during my science sessions. With this blog, my confidence has been rapidly increasing. I am getting involved a lot more.

(student 21) I am always happy to log on to read the science blog. It is fascinating that there is always something new popping up. I love reading the questions that the children post and then reading the reply.

(student 22) I just wanted to say thank you for answering my questions on the science blog. The science blog is very helpful to me because sometimes, when I’m watching tv I think of a lot of questions in my head while still watching. I also think that it can be useful when I, or other people in the school have a question. There are sometimes questions, which I don’t like. But overall it’s a magnificent site.

PS I like it because we can use it at home.

(student 23) I really like the way your complicated questions can be answered by somebody who is anonymous but friendly. It’s like he knows which questions are going to be told to him. But to think of a question could be quite difficult due to the fact that we are not experienced scientists. I would like the answers to be quicker. The site is public, I like that and you can see a variety of clever questions so we can get ideas for making our own scientific questions.