Ciera (7) How did people first appear on Earth?

Ciera, many thanks for the question. I have decided to try to answer your question myself rather than ask my friends. They can be confusing sometimes.

I think that the best way of describing how people first appeared on the Earth is that it happened very, very slowly. We would probably not be able to recognise the first people as people like you and me. It is likely that they had a lot more hair than we have. Maybe because they lived in a much colder part of the world and they would not have houses to live in. They would however be able to talk to each other, in their own language, they would walk in an upright way, not like chimpanzees, They would be able to hunt for food and probably live in groups.

Slowly, ever so slowly they would change (evolve) and become more like us.

It is thought that the first humans appeared on Earth about 150,000 years ago.

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