“How do western toilets work?” was Vinay’s (10) question,

Vinay. These are the initial thoughts of my friends. I will reply later.siphon

I’m back ….. So the siphon it is. For animations on siphons go to this great animation   where you will see a true siphon in action.

The amazing thing is that initially the siphon was thought to be delivered by air pressure. Then somebody created a siphon in a vacuum. So ideas have changed. Not everything in science is ‘absolute truth’ . One of the driving forces in science development is attempting to disprove accepted laws.

Why did you want to create a blog? was Tyler’s question.


On my opening page I talk about the importance of asking questions in science. We find out about the world around us by asking questions and then trying to find answers to those questions.

We might sometimes think our question is stupid and people will laugh about it. Sometimes asking questions in a classroom seems to be a bit like acting, there you are asking the question with 30 people listening. That can be horrible for some young people and even lots of adults. This can happen…so this blog lets young people ask their science orientated question in a non-threatening way and you can be sure that it will be listened to and somehow answered by me and my team.

I ask you to look at Natalie’s question… what is a chemical? That question is so important in understanding a scientific view of the world. Well done Natalie.

Tyler – thank you for the question

Science Master