Fraser (12) asks. What are the important parts of aerodynamics?


Many thank for the question. To help you answer it I suggest you make your own paper aeroplane. Investigating the flight of the plane will be the beginning of your investigations of aerodynamics.

Below is a plan (Using a sheet of A$ paper) that you can use to make a plane and begin the investigation.

Once you have made the plane, try flying it. Think of the things that make it fly. How far, for example can you make your plane fly. Does it depend on how hard you throw it?  That is the THRUST that enables it to fly and is an important element of AERODYNAMICS.

I shall pass you over to my friends, who will no doubt ask you more questions. (They will need some time to answer so please come back a bit later)

Here is what they said.

Hello Aster.

I think a paper aeroplane is a good start to investigate aerodynamics. As the Science Master said … far the aeroplane flies with a simple push is a good way to investigate one of the main aerodynamic properties associated with any that flies. This is Thrust .

The other major aerodynamic considerations, in addition to Thrust are Gravity, Lift, Drag and Air Drag.


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