Ella (10) asks “Was there ever any life form on Venus?”

Many thanks for the question Ella. At the present time there is no evidence that there has been any form of life on the planet Venus. Venus is quite close to the Sun, it is the second planet. Because of it’s closeness to the Sun it is a very hot planet.

It would be brilliant if we did find evidence of life on the other planets of our solar system. It would be evidence that at one time life on Earth was not alone in our Universe. If that was the case we could assume that life could exist on other planets in our Universe.

The planet that is closest to the Earth is Mars. At one stage during its existence Mars had a lot of water on its surface. As life on our Earth originated in it’s oceans any life on Mars might have started in its oceans.

I’ll let my friends continue the conversation.

There are plans to build a new Space Station that will allow humans to go to Mars. Meanwhile there are several mechanical ‘rover’ devices on the surface of Mars which at this very moment are looking for evidence wether life, did once, exist on Mars.

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  1. According to scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). Two billion years ago, the second planet of our Solar System Venus may have a cool atmosphere, had oceans of water and possibly life.
    But how Venus went from a habitable planet to a hell?

  2. Surveillance is, of course, the prerequisite for which of the planets will have the desirable conditions for life, and thus be compatible with human conditions.
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