How we can take care of the world? asks Luisa (9)

Luisa, an important question. Thank you for asking it. There are obviously some very important things that every human in our world should think about. Let me present you with three of my thoughts. I will let my team present them…….

During the 5 billion years that life has survived on our world a lot of different animals, insects or plants have come to dominate life on our world and not survived.  One of the early plants that became dominant was a type  of moss. It grew so much that it poisoned the atmosphere with all the oxygen that it produced. Dinosaurs were destroyed when our world (the Earth) was hit by an asteroid, it created so much dust that the plant life they eat stopped growing.

Life survives but in a different forms. We should be careful because we might be the next form of life to disappear. 

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