Tippy (5) asked -“Both my parents have brown eyes how come mine are blue?”

Tippy. Many thanks for your question. I shall not ask why you have asked it! It was an interesting question so I asked my friends to comment on it here, are their thoughts.


Many thanks team.

Tippy, one of my team mentioned the word ‘genetics’ . Genetics is all about people investigating how we become who we are, Wow. We have all come from a mum and dad (parents) and because of this we inherit (get) things from our parents which make us, us. I , for instance , think that I get my hair colour from my parents and the size of my feet (my parents had my hair colour and small feet). My brother inherited different things, height and eye colour.

Eye colour is something that like height is not inherited directly from parents or an individual parent. It could be inherited from your grandparents, AND even then the chance of linking it directly to a parent or grandparent is open to chance.

Tippy. I hope that your parents can ‘try’ to relay this answer to you. You could also carry out a little investigation of your own, good scientific practice, try making a list of people in your extended family and the colour of their eyes. You could also look at the eye colour of your friends, to find out what is the most common eye colour?

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