Alka asked – Where do puddles go to?

Many thanks for the great question Alka. I put it to my friends and as usual they came up with some interesting thoughts.

Many thanks team. What we need to do is set up some experiments that might help us find a possible answer. If we had a bowl of water how would we protect it from insects, and other animals drinking from it?  How would we prevent leaks into the ground? How would you stop the Sun grabbing it?

This could lead to lots of different experiments.

Try making some small puddles in a some bowls. Keep one bowl in a cupboard and one on a window ledge for a couple of days. Put one bowl outside and another outside with a cover over it to stop animals getting to it.  Maybe leave them both in a shady spot so they cannot see the Sun. Create a puddle on some solid ground and another on some ground with some plastic between the puddle and the ground.  These are some possible investigations that you could carry out to find an answer to your question.

Fair testing is an important part of  investigations, it is difficult but amazingly rewarding. How do you make all those tests fair? does leaving them all for the same length of time make it fair? What about the amount of water? Would that influence the fairness of the test?

It maybe that for all real puddles a bit of everything happens.

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Here is a little video of somebody else with the same problem. It uses a word that you might not understand ‘evaporation’. If you want help Ask a Question.


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