“Is a shadow a reflection?” asks Jack (7)

Thank you team. Some excellent observations. You noticed that the shadow had no detail on it, no colour, no lines, no images of seeds in the fruit. It was just black. On a dark night, under street lights look at your shadow. Other than your shape what detail does it have? It changes now and again, but why?

Now the reflection? If you look into a mirror what do you see? Is it like your shadow? How different is it?

Look at the two images of the fruit. The first image of the the fruit is the ‘real’ image. What about the image just below it (on the shiny surface)? Is it the real image? How did it get there?

Think about this – where did it come from? Now think about your image in a mirror, where did that come from?

You can create you own image of a reflection and a shadow. Get a mirror and a small screen. Put the object on the mirror and the screen behind it and use a torch to shine on the object.

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Abdur’s question on shadows

Abdur asked the following excellent question –
“If light was pointing downwards and you put an object in front of it, would the shadow still be big like when the shadow is pointing sideward?”

I asked one of my team to look at the problem.


Enjoy this short video on shadows. Then tackle my questions.

Why is my friend keeping at least 5 things the same in her investigation?  What are they? What is this type of test called? Why does it have this special name?

Sorry lots of questions. That is what science is all about.
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