Stirling (8) asked – “How is fire hot and how does it burn you?”


Thanks team, yes I agree, it is all about energy. In a question some time ago I tried to give my thoughts on energy. An explanation I like is “Something has energy when it has the capability of doing something to something else.” I then gave some examples of different forms of energy and what they could do to something else. I think I suggested that different forms of energy can be converted into other forms of energy. For example electrical energy can be converted into heat energy.

So where does the heat energy come from in your fire? Think of the fire. What is burning? Where did it come from? What help create this material that is burning? What type of energy started the process of creating the energy that ended up as heat energy.

Here is a list of different types of energy involved. Can you put them in the correct order, heat energy, solar energy, chemical energy, heat energy, chemical energy,

The heat energy burns you by destroying the cells on your skin.

So beware do not experiment with fire on your own. I could be very dangerous. Make sure you have an adult with you.