About Me

If you are interested in finding a little bit about me …. here it is. I have a PhD in Chemistry, a PGCE, a Masters in Education. For ten years I taught in UK state secondary and primary schools. For 25 years I was a part-time tutor/counsellor for the Open University Science Foundation Course. For 20 years I was involved in teacher training. My favourite definition of science is that it is ‘applied curiosity’ and that young people need to be helped to find the answer to their questions themselves. I am still asking questions and endeavouring to find answers to them.

The site is inspired by the work of Wynne Harlen on children’s misconceptions and constructivism and by Stuart Naylor and Brenda Keogh’s superb work on Concept Cartoons. My special thanks to them in allowing me to use some of their team to support my activities. My thanks also to Aston Tower Primary School who offered an experimental ‘home’ for the idea and obviously Edublogs who have provided the online home. For a student evaluation click on the button below.