Dana(13) asks about the ‘carrying capacity’ of wolves

Dana was given the following information

Year wolves
2003 10
2004 20
2005 30
2006 15
2007 10
2008 11

A question which must come to most people (including me) is what is  ‘Carrying Capacity”.  A quick investigation indicates that this means the capacity of an environment to support a number of species.  Using the data above suggests that in 2004 an environment could support 20 wolves BUT  in the year 2007 something had happened to the environment and it could only support 10 wolves. Why?

The ‘Why’ introduces lots of questions.  Did the environment get smaller? Wolves survive on hunting smaller animals …did they find somewhere else to live? Was there a drought  in the environment which caused the smaller animals to decline in numbers?

To really find an answer to this question you need to find a lot about wolves, their diet, the, effects of weather on them, wolf predators, and others.

I hope this helps……to find the answer you will need to supply more information.


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