Oliver (10) asks “Is it possible for any life form on Earth to survive the conditions of outer space?

Oliver, many thanks for the question.

I think it would be very difficult to survive the conditions of outer space. Think about it, no air, very cold temperatures, no water …………but. Think about it ….if anything was to survive in outer space ….. What size would it be, small  or large?  Would it have a thick or thin skin? Would it need lots of oxygen or very little to survive? Would it need lots of food or very little?

….meet the Tardigradum

It is less than 7mm long and has 8 legs

It can survive the pressure of living in deep water trenches and temperatures of over 150 degrees centigrade.

It has been known to survive without water for 30 years.

It has also been shown that it can survive, without protection in outer space.

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