Mitchell (10) asked ‘What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning’


A great question Mitchell. Can you think of any other thing that might happen?

Firstly the speed at which the spin happens is measured at the equator. Any idea at what the speed would be at the North and south poles? If the Earth suddenly stopped spinning what would be the effect at the poles?

How long will each day and night be? Remember although it is not spinning it would still be orbiting the Sun.

Interestingly, because of the Earth’s spin the Earth has a bulge around its equator.  Remove the spin and the Earth will become a true sphere. This will however cause a redistribution of the Earth’s oceans. The world after the spin will look a little bit like it is depicted in the video below, a big continent in the equatorial area with an ocean either side of it.

Another thing that will happen is that the Earth will lose it’s magnetic field. No longer will you be able to hold a compass and see the pointer pointing to the north pole.

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