“What is the earth made out of” – asks Ruby (8)

Ruby, many thanks for the question. Now let’s think about what it means. Does it mean the ‘earth’, like the soil that we have around us OR does it mean the ‘Earth’, the planet that we are living on. I say on my front page  that science is all about asking questions, but asking them is not always an easy task, so well done you. I shall get my friends to try and answer the ‘earth’ question and I shall then give you an answer to the ‘Earth’ question. We might even find something for you to do!



So maybe you could find out something about how easy it is to break a rock up? How about making a small collection of some rocks. They are quite easy to find at Garden Centres, or on walks in the country, or on a stony beaches. Collect some and then try to scratch them. Can some rocks scratch other rocks? If they can which is the hardest? try to draw a picture of your hardest rock. It is most likely that it will be the softest rock in your collection that you will find in your ‘earth’.

Now Ruby let us look at the ‘Earth’ and the wonderful structure that you are standing on. This is where your rocks have come from.

I have built this small animated picture to show you the amazing ‘inside’, structure of the Earth.

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