How does an aeroplane actually stay in the air? asked Ciaran (Yr6)



Thank for the introduction team. I think the magic of flying is linked to the properties of air. Here is a little experiment, get two sheets of A4 paper, one in each hand. Hold both of them in front of your mouth like in the image below.a4

I am now going to ask you to blow between the two sheets of paper BUT before you do that, in your best science investigative behaviour, make a prediction. Now blow. Again in your best scientific behaviour repeat to see if what you have seen happen, happens again.

What you have observed is the reason why aeroplanes stay in the sky. What pushed the two pieces of paper together? What were you doing to the air when you blew between the two pieces of paper? Whatever you did it was it only the air between the two pieces of paper that was affected, not the air on the outside of the papers?

To see a development of this idea go my Science Master Special feedback

Imagine a plane flying through the air. Look at the shape of the wing. What is happening to the air as it passes over the wing? Is the air under the wing travelling the same distance as that over the top of the wing? So again what is happening to the air?

Lot’s of questions Ciaran. Think about them and either tell me about your thoughts or ask another question. A brilliant question. Thanks.


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