Luie(12) asks ” What is the most deadly gas?”

Luie I asked my friends for help on this question. They had some interesting thoughts.

posinous gases

Luie, it is not quite true that there is only one gas that is not poisonous. Air consists of a variety of gases that are not poisonous, we breathe them in all the time and they don’t poison us. There is however one gas that is used by our body and is more important than the others. What is it? If you know then you could tell me by using the ‘Leave a Reply’ box

Did you know that Hydrogen Sulphide (bad eggs) is more poisonous than Hydrogen Cyanide (almond smell), why ???

Because our nose is much more sensitive to Hydrogen Sulphide than Hydrogen Cyanide. By the time you can smell the almond smell you are dying.

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