Science Master Special – Measuring the height of a tree using a pencil and a friend

Now and again I will mention some magical experiences.

This  was a technique given to me by a teacher at Severne Primary School in Birmingham.

Do you want to measure the height of a tree and all you have is a friend and a pencil?

First task line up the vertical pencil with a tree.


Second task get a friend to stand at the base of the tree.


Third task. Make the tree fall over. Not really, just make the pencil fall over.



Fourth task. Ask the friend to walk from the base of the tree to the end of the pencil, counting her/his steps. Shout stop when he/she reaches the end.


Fifth task. Work out the height of the tree. A step is about  60cm. You might need to check this with your friend, what is his /her step distance.

So what is the height of the tree? Any answers… on the ‘Leave a Reply’ and leave an answer.

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