Marcus (11) asks – “How does our brain control our body”

Marcus. Many thanks for your question. I must admit that I am happiest with questions relating to the physical world rather that the biological world. But like a good scientist I was curious so I asked my friends to tell me about how the brain might control the body. For once they came up with some answers.


This is certainly interesting. for the brain and different parts of the body to contact each other they use nerves (bit like wires), they also use electricity – but a different type of electricity to what we usually meet The nerves use positively charged particles to send the messages, we in the real world, use negatively charged particles.

I found out that there are two types of circuits. Some are linked to things that the brain has put on automatic and some are linked to response/reply circuits. These are the autonomic nervous system and the others are the ones which your brain can control are called the somatic nervous system. Can you draw up a list of the autonomic  functions that you brain controls. How many items do you come up with. Want to let me know click on the Reply button below or leave another question. Thanks for the question.

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