Clara’s (7) asked “Where do puddles go to?”

Many thanks for the great question Clara. I put it to my friends and as usual they came up with some interesting thoughts.

Many thanks team.

Excellent thoughts. What we need to do is set up some experiments that might help us find a possible answer. If we had a bowl of water how would we protect it from insects, and other animals drinking from it? How would we prevent leaks into the ground? How would you stop the Sun grabbing it?

This could lead to lots of different experiments so you have to think about how you can make them into a fair test. For example you have a bowl of water, how much water is in it? You leave the bowl on a window ledge for a couple of days – to see the Sun. Can you fairly compare it to a bowl of water in a cupboard , unless you keep some things the same?

How did you protect the bowl on the window ledge, from animals? How much Sun was there?

Fair testing is an important part of scientific investigations, it is difficult but amazingly rewarding. Get involved in trying to answer the question and then you are the scientist.

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Here is a little video of somebody else with the same problem. It uses a word that you might not understand ‘evaporation’. If you want help Ask a Question.

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