Jenny (11) asked – “What is the difference between hardness and strength?”

A really good question Jenny. I asked my friends about it and they came up with the following thoughts.


Many thanks friends. Some interesting thoughts. Hardness and Strength seem to be two different things. How would you measure softness? If you work out a way then maybe you are measuring hardness as well. Think about it. I also like the idea of measuring strength by looking at one material. Different types of paper seems to be a good idea. You will have to make sure that you do a ‘fair’ test. Not sure what I mean …. ask a question.

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One thought on “Jenny (11) asked – “What is the difference between hardness and strength?”

  1. Hello i did something with a snow and an egg. So 2 days ago i was really bored so i decided to go outside at my backyard and put a full non cooked egg in a snow, i covered the egg with the snow.. Then 2 days later i went back and took the egg, then i took the shell off then it was like a boiled egg but it was raw when i put in the snow then i cut the egg and the yolk looks exactly like a boiled egg… So I’m curious how that happens?
    Sincerely, Eizen

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