Jenny (11) asked – “What is the difference between hardness and strength?”

A really good question Jenny. I asked my friends about it and they came up with the following thoughts.


Many thanks friends. Some interesting¬†thoughts. Hardness and Strength seem to be two different things. How would you measure softness? If you work out a way then maybe you are measuring hardness as well. Think about it. I also like the idea of measuring strength by looking at one material. Different types of paper seems to be a good idea. You will have to make sure that you do a ‘fair’ test. Not sure what I mean …. ask a question.

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One thought on “Jenny (11) asked – “What is the difference between hardness and strength?”

  1. Hello i did something with a snow and an egg. So 2 days ago i was really bored so i decided to go outside at my backyard and put a full non cooked egg in a snow, i covered the egg with the snow.. Then 2 days later i went back and took the egg, then i took the shell off then it was like a boiled egg but it was raw when i put in the snow then i cut the egg and the yolk looks exactly like a boiled egg… So I’m curious how that happens?
    Sincerely, Eizen

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