Abdur asked: I got lazer and pointed it in my tea.Then I looked up and I could see the reflection on the ceiling. Doesn’t only mirrors reflect things?

An interesting question Abdur. I asked my team to have a think about it and as usual they came up with more questions.


I think we could investigate some of the statements that my team came up with. If it was very dark would you be able to see the tree?  Think about why you see things. Do you see the tree because it creates it’s own light? Maybe it is not only mirrors that reflect light? Abdur saw the laser beam on the ceiling when he was shining it at the surface of his cup of tea. Maybe the ceiling can reflect light? You look at your hand and you can see it. Is it producing it’s own light or is it reflecting light?

I think you need to do an experiment. If you have access to a light detector (some schools have them) look at the light reflected from different surfaces. Try a mirror, try a white surface, try a leaf, try a black surface and see how much light the different surfaces reflect. Some cameras also have light meters.

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