Year 2A asked “Do plants move?”

Do plants move? What an interesting question, Thank you Yr 2. Most plants do not seem to move on there own, so I asked my friends about this. The answer was surprising.

moving plants

If there was any movement think about why it happened. What, in the morning, on a clear day, do you see in the sky? (It’s bright and yellow) What is it’s position? What is the position of the plant? Now look at the same situation in the afternoon. Where is the Sun? What is the position of the plant you are looking at? Has it moved?

Maybe you could take a photograph of the plant in the morning and another in the afternoon.

There are some plants that move very quickly. Look at these videos

So plants do move. They may stay in the same spot but they do move in their different ways. So maybe they are a bit like us.

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