Mo (age 11) asked “Hi Science Master, how do people know metal is a good conductor and how did they find out it was a good conductor?”

Mo, I asked some of my friends about your question and they came up with some interesting thoughts of their own. Think about the comments and then look at my thoughts.

Electricty conductivity large

What is the difference in electrical conductivity of two different metals? Maybe you could construct a simple circuit with a battery and a light bulb connected by copper wire. You could measure how bright the light bulb was by using a light detector (you may have them in your school). You will have to decide how you are going to use the light detector to measure the brightness.

Now get some aluminium foil which is the same as the weight of copper (fair test) and use the foil to connect the battery to the light bulb and again measure its brightness. The brighter the bulb the least resistance there is to electricity moving through the circuit and the better the conductor.


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