Science is about Questions


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Welcome to my site, I am the Science Master and I am here, with my friends, to help you answer your questions about the physical and natural world around you. Science is about asking questions and trying to find answers to those questions. It is also about admitting ignorance because you want an answer to a question about the world around you. 

It was the philosopher Claude Lévi-Strauss who once said: “The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, it is the person who asks the right questions.”

On this site you can ask your question and I will try to answer it, but I will probably try to give you some clues to how you could answer it yourself. You are then the real scientist. 

I and my team are happy to accept questions from 7-11 year olds. When you ask your question it maybe 24-36 hrs before you receive a possible route to finding an answer. We do not need your real name, email or any other personal details. We just want your question.